Top 10 Tips for Sellers

#1 Get ready to move on. Make sure you’re able to qualify for a new mortgage and you can afford homes in the neighborhood where you want to move.

#2 Get help if you need it. You can sell your home yourself and save money, or use a broker and save time. Honestly consider which you can most afford.

#3 Fix ‘er up. Make any necessary repairs, modernize with new fixtures, and increase your curb appeal with a new coat of paint before you list. 

#4 Get a pre-sell inspection. You’ll save yourself surprises down the road, and your inspection report can reassure potential buyers during showings.

#5 Set the right price. Get an appraisal or conduct a CMA of similar properties in your neighborhood.

#6 Brag a little! Take the time to create a winning sell sheet that includes high-quality color photos and lists your home’s best features.

#7 Get impersonal. “Undecorate” your house as needed, making it as neutral as possible to help potential buyers imagine living there.

#8 Clean up. Keep both the interior and exterior of the home well-maintained, clean and clutter free in case of drive-bys or drop-in viewings.

#9 Sit by the phone. Be as available as possible to returns calls, answer emails, show your home, answer questions, and – hopefully – receive offers.

#10 Keep your cool. Even low-ball offers are valuable for the information they provide. Stay unemotional and be willing to negotiate.