Is Now the Right Time to Sell?

As with most things, timing is everything when is comes to selling your own home. Of course, the state of the market will have a tremendous effect, but even the season in which you sell your home plays a role. Waiting until the time is right can help make for a quick and successful sale.

The economy and the housing market will have the biggest impact on how quickly you’ll sell your home – and how much you’ll get for it. If financing is difficult to obtain, interest rates are high, or you require a substantial down payment, your home may stay on the market for months. While it may not be within your control, waiting for a seller-friendly housing market will be in your best interest whenever possible.

If the market is favorable or you’re in a position where you must sell your home, you’ll probably have the best luck listing in the spring. Bad weather not only prevents buyers from getting to your home, but it also prevents you from showing off your outdoor features – like your garden or deck. In most markets, sales tend to pick up in February and remain steady until July.

Before you sell, make sure your home is market-ready. Does it need a little sprucing or a complete overhaul? Can you afford to spend the time and money to get it ready? In a super-competitive housing market, even the smallest details can make a big difference, so take care of all necessary repairs before you list.

Finally, consider the competition. If there are many properties on the market in your development – or on your street – you’ll have a harder time selling your home. Take a drive through your neighborhood and check out not only how many homes are on the market but how your home compares. If you can’t compete, wait for more favorable selling conditions, or prepare to accept a lower price.

Selling your home is always a challenge, but knowing when to move into the marketplace can make it a little easier. Make an informed decision, and your home will sell in good time.