Creating a Sell Sheet

Designing the sell sheet you’ll use for advertising is your chance to get creative while selling your home. This 8 1/2 x 11 flyer is where you announce the best features of your house. Packed with information, and presented with a little bit of flair, a good sell sheet will include:

  • a headline
  • a photo
  • your exact address
  • your asking price
  • a short paragraph summarizing the benefits and features of your home
  • your contact information

To start, brainstorm the best features of your house, and write down anything that’s unique or that you think buyers will appreciate. Include everything from your claw foot tub to your backyard deck to your spectacular view. When you’re done, select four to six of the best features to include on your sell sheet.

Now, write a short headline that sums up your house. Your goal is to capture a buyer’s imagination, and paint a picture. All you need is a simple line like “Give your family room to grow in this 3BR, close to schools and parks,” or “Enjoy beautiful sunsets from the patio of this cozy 2BR!”

Beneath the headline, insert a street-view picture of your home. It should be a color photo taken with the sun shining directly on your house. If you need tips for taking a great photo, review the SharpHome article in the seller’s section. Underneath the photo, list your complete address and your asking price.

Next, write a short paragraph that describes your home and the surrounding area. Give a general overview of the rooms and any outdoor elements (patio, deck, pool), and mention any neighborhood attractions (soccer fields, tennis courts, etc.). Then, create a bulleted list of features, including the number of bedrooms, the square footage, and anything else of note, like a breakfast nook, bay windows, or exposed brick. Repeat your asking price as the final bullet.

Finally, encourage interested buyers to contact you with a phrase such as “Call today!” or “Don’t miss out on this gem. Arrange an appointment.” List your phone number prominently at the bottom of the page.

A well-crafted sell sheet is a valuable tool for selling your home. Put in a little effort and it may pay off with a lot of interest – and a quicker sale!