Selling Tips

Home Selling Tips

  • Just as important as buying a home is taking care of the business at hand and finding a buyer for your existing home. Take the next few minutes to review some tips on how you can make your home for sale appealing and more valuable in the eyes of potential buyers.
  • Hire a professional cleaning company – For a modest investment, you can reap tremendous returns. Do your part by reducing clutter throughout the home and grounds.
  • Do some lawn work – A well-manicured lawn makes a big impression. Want to make the yard sparkle? Turn on the sprinklers 30 minutes before prospective buyers are there.
  • Serve snacks – It may not sell the home for you, but preparing some finger food for guests will leave an impression that you care about them. Cookies and lemonade are always popular.
  • Leave – Give prospective buyers some space. Let them walk through without thinking someone is listening in on their conversations.
  • Less is more – Remove a piece of furniture from each room. It makes the home seem more spacious.
  • Turn on the lights – Even during the day, lights make your home seem brighter.
  • Keep the pets away – Send them to a friend’s home for the afternoon. If that’s not possible, confine them in a particular room or in the back yard.
  • Check the little things – Make sure all the lights are working and that the faucets don’t drip. Check for loose door knobs and hinges.